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Welcome to Willow's World, my Blog discovering poetry and expression of grief, and life after death...

Thank you for joining me.

Listen, it's silent

When your heart lies where footsteps fall

From beneath the elephant, your screams will call

Into a night of black abandon by all

Upon deaf ears the sound of silence stalk

A path no man dares to walk

To the echo of your own voice you talk

Suggestions that will only taunt

Reflections of the past too heavy and daunt

Leaving the dreams of your future to haunt.

A breath of air so ill

The faint makng your heart stand still

This feeling doesn't fade with a pill.

To leave your life in the hands of hope

Feeling like there is no way to cope

I suppose we'll just pray that you can't tie this rope.

Tomorrow being another day

With dread of living it the same way

and nothing to keep the trepidation at bay

In addition to worry of it's own to claim

The brightness of it's dawn being slain

From beneath a mammoth, this burden is mine to blame.


Willow B. Birmingham

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