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Welcome to Your Happy Place...

A Personal Happy Place is Somewhere you can escape the stress, anxiety and overwhelm of daily living by having an emotional connection with yourself.

For some, they feel wholly connected to themselves and higher power visiting the Mountains, the Beach, or simply being outdoors on the porch, at Home; Others may find the bellowing of a stage, shopping mall, or crowded train to be their happy place.

Wherever your Happy Place, and whether your'e just getting started or defining your own style, with Award Winning Artist here to guide you 1 on 1 through the journey of discovering your Happy Place, and it's production onto canvas- This Class is Ideal for you.

25 Happy place.JPG
Happy Place

Brushed Landscape

Scenic Relaxing Retreat

Cadillac Mountain.JPG
Imagination Vacation

Brushed Landscape Scenic Lovers Lane Overlook

travel beyond hi rez prints.JPG
Travel Beyond

Brushed Landscape Peaceful Isolated Writing Cabin

This Time

Brushed Landscape

Winter Walk through the Park

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